The book is written and available for sale.  Now comes the hard part, promoting it and selling it.  Is it that hard to sell a well written book?  I have    written more than 30 books and excited to share my tips and resources on how to promote your book and watch people buy it!  Open the book, turn the pages and let’s get started and learn how to best “Promote that Book Now!”


Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Promote that Book Now

    • eBook - Promote that Book Now

  • 2

    Session #1

    • Session #1 - Promotion Starts with You

  • 3

    Session #2

    • Session #2 - Promotion Inventory and Social Media Review

    • Promote Inventory

  • 4

    Session #3

    • Session #3 - Promotion and Social Media Planner

    • Promotion and Social Media Planner

    • Create with Canva

  • 5

    Session #4

    • Session #4 - Events

    • Lessons from Events and Trade Shows

  • 6

    Session #5

    • Session #5 - Media Components

    • One Sheet

    • Media Kit

  • 7

    Session #6

    • Session #6 - Speaking Sells

    • Speaker Sheet

    • Audio Presentation

    • Seminar Presentation

About the instructor


Julia Royston

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