Your book is published.  Congratulations.  You may even be writing a second book.  How did the first book launch go?  Did people buy your book?  What happens now after the book is published?  What are your next steps?  What are your promotional goals for the upcoming week, month or year?  Do you attend events or only want to sell books online?  Do you have a product creation schedule for your book?  Is your book the foundation for a business or do you know?  Do you want to take  your books to the next level or did you write it for fun or for your local friends and family?  

If you have ever asked yourself any or all of these questions, then the Book Business Bosses is for you.  The Book Business Bosses is a Community that can help you take your book and your life to the next level.  Find out how.  

After you are review this course's video, if you are ready to go to join us, go to and sign up today.  

Course Curriculum

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    Are You Ready to Be a Book Business Boss?

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    Let's get Started!

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