Welcome to the Write That Book Now Course!

Are you ready to get that Book Started and Finished?

Are you tired of seeing other people's book covers on your social media timeline and not your own?

Writing a book can appear to be overwhelming when you've never written one but after writing 51 books of my own and publishing 120+ authors and more than 250 books,
I have experience writing and publishing books.

You can write that book alone and risk not finishing that book next year or we can go through the process together and get the book finished this year!  The decision is yours...  Decide Now to "Write that Book Now!"  With this platform, you will be able to go through the sessions on your time and schedule.  You will not have to wait for a specific day and time for class.  Learn Anytime and Anywhere. 

In These 10 Sessions, We Will:  

Determine Your Topic and Audience, so that your writing will be focused who will benefit and hopefully, buy your book.

Create an Outline and writing schedule, so that you will have a guide to write your book more quickly.

Access to a Private Group,  so that you can receive timely feedback from the instructor and support others in the group.

Determine Next Steps to Publishing, so that you can get your book to market and receive money from the sale of your book

Discover ways to stay social while writing, so that you can build and create buzz and desire to purchase your book.  

Useful Resources

To help get you started, here are a few of reminders of materials you will need for this course:

Refer to the "Write that Book Now" ebook

Wordprocessing Software:  Microsoft Office Word, Google Docs or WordOnline via MSN.com

If you still use print journals to write, that is fine but before you are able to complete the publishing process, the manuscript will need to be typed.  

Need Help? Reach out for help!

Email us at bkroystonpublishing@gmail.com or schedule an appointment at http://bit.ly/talkwithroyston

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Writers and Creative Arts Academy!

    2. Welcome to the Writers and Creative Arts Academy

    3. Resources for the Write that book Now Course

    4. Write that Book Now eBook

    1. Session 1 - The Book Starts with You!

    2. Audio Session #1

    3. Session #1 The Book Starts with You

    1. Session #2 - Video Audience, Setting, Plot and Outline

    2. Session #2 - Audience, Setting, Plot and Outline

    1. Session #3 - The Outline

    2. audio_only of Write that Book Now Session 3

    1. Session #4 - Writing Pacing

    1. Session #5 - Video - Transitions and Breaks in the Action

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

About the instructor

Instructor Julia Royston

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